Easter Fun: A Late Post

I know this is a super late post since Easter was like 3 weeks ago but, this was my Easter. We decorated eggs the day before. We only painted 4 eggs and they were super ugly but it was fun for my daughter so it was worth it. She got pretty bored waiting for the egg to get a dark color so I ended up just giving her some washable paint and she spent about 30 minutes painting 1 egg and her entire body blue. So that was fun. We tried the whisk + egg dying idea and it worked really well. So, if you haven’t heard/seen that idea you should definitely give it a try next year!


On the actual day of Easter we went to my in-laws house after going on an Easter egg hunt at our house. At Maw-Maw’s house Lilly hunted for more eggs and then everyone went outside to play with some bubbles. So, that’s what I did about 3 weeks ago.



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