My Productive Weekend

I had a crazy productive and busy weekend! Friday my mother-in-law came by to take Lilly for the night. Before leaving my husband showed up with leftover cake and about 50 helium filled balloons from work. They were celebrating the release of a new software (he’s a software developer) and the cake was big enough to feed his entire office of 100+ people with about 1/3 leftover. Here you can see Lilly showing off her blackened tongue from the icing. (His company colors are black and red.)


Then we went out to dinner with friends and to see a movie. On Saturday I decided it was time to do some brightening up in the living room. So, I took down the black mirrors on my living room wall to paint them red along with my fireplace vases and also to paint my black picture frames on my mantel silver. Then, I had to make two more trips to buy more paint because I seriously underestimated how much I would need. In between finishing that up Lilly came home and we took her to a birthday party at the park. Then we had a ton of friends over for paella and fun with helium. We ended up entertaining ourselves with helium induced high voices for a while so that was fun.

20130408-085650.jpg 20130408-094653.jpg 20130408-085657.jpg





Here’s a quick video showing Derek, my husband, and his high voice. 🙂


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