Mommy Camp

As a teacher and a person who is slightly OCD, I decided to create lesson plans with thematic units for my kids while we are out for the summer. Knowing that my 4.5 year old should be learning vastly different things from my 1.5 year old I created a compilation of activities focused on teaching reading, writing, math and science to my older child, Lillian, and sensory, dexterity and word recognition for my younger child, Arthur. My goal is to both educate my kids about things that I think are cool and important but also to ensure that I don’t go crazy by having a plan.


My “Mommy Camp” plan does look a little crazy i.e. color coded, tabbed, page protected and graphed but, It is what I need to feel organized. For the next few months I will be chronicling my adventures with mommy camp including all of the fun activities, crafts and lessons that we attempt. Hopefully others will find my craziness inspiring or at least entertaining.


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