Easter Fun: A Late Post

I know this is a super late post since Easter was like 3 weeks ago but, this was my Easter. We decorated eggs the day before. We only painted 4 eggs and they were super ugly but it was fun for my daughter so it was worth it. She got pretty bored waiting for the egg to get a dark color so I ended up just giving her some washable paint and she spent about 30 minutes painting 1 egg and her entire body blue. So that was fun. We tried the whisk + egg dying idea and it worked really well. So, if you haven’t heard/seen that idea you should definitely give it a try next year!


On the actual day of Easter we went to my in-laws house after going on an Easter egg hunt at our house. At Maw-Maw’s house Lilly hunted for more eggs and then everyone went outside to play with some bubbles. So, that’s what I did about 3 weeks ago.




I decided to put my own little spin on the valentine idea with a child and candy lips. My husband and I joined in on the fun. We just got in front of his mac and used photo booth to take our picture. It works really well with Lillian because she likes to be able to see herself take the picture. Then I added the text using the computer and had cards printed at Walgreens. With a coupon it only cost $10 for 20 photo cards with envelopes. I’m sure it will bring a smile to all of my friends and family members faces. And, maybe it will give you an idea for your own.

The FUN Jar


I am always frustrated when it comes to finding things to do with my toddler. I save a ton of things to Pinterest but when I go to find an activity inevitably I don’t have what I need or it takes too long just to figure out and find all of the appropriate materials. So, I don’t get to even half of the fun things that I have pinned. So I came up with the idea for “The FUN Jar”. By spending a little extra time (ok not a little…it took me a couple of weeks) compiling all of the activities that I liked and creating a printable document with directions and materials lists I will be able to access all of the fun activities in a matter of seconds. You can also jump in on the fun by printing my FREE “FUN Jar” printable!!

How does it work?

First you have to print out the packet. Then, inside the packet are directions for 29 activity bags that you prepare ahead of time. I know that sounds like a lot but most of it is done for you. By creating these bags ahead of time for some of the more in-depth activities you can get started with your impatient little toddler more quickly and clean up is also fast. Keep in mind there are over 90 activities and you only have to prep for 29 of them. As long as you have purchased everything else that is on the materials list you will have everything you need to do each activity.

Once you have prepared all of the activity bags and have printed everything out you just need to cut up the different “activity cards”, fold them and place them in some sort of jar or container. I haven’t made mine yet but I would suggest making it really decorative and fun looking so your child will be eager to help you select an activity.

Now you are ready to select your first activity. You can use the color coded activities to make sure your child doesn’t draw an outdoor activity when it is raining. Let your child draw a piece of paper and then you can simply walk over to your box of activity bags and supplies and get the appropriate bag/supplies. Some of the activities don’t even require you to use anything special but are things we sometimes forget to do with our kids.

The goal of “The FUN Jar” is to make your life easier and to enrich your child’s life. Let me know what you think! I’ll be posting updates as I begin to use my own “FUN Jar”.

You can access the free printable here.

Bathtub Paint


I’ve had this pinned in my “Kid Boredom Prevention” board for a while and I finally remembered to do it. On a separate note, I remembered because I am currently working on a project that will make all of the fun ideas that I find for my daughter to do easier to remember and access. I’m calling it “The Fun Jar” and will post it as soon as it’s finished. It’s going to be great and a HUGE free printable so be on the lookout. Anyways…back to the paint.


All you do is mix cornstarch, water and a few drops of baby shampoo in a cup or bowl and then pour it into individual containers. I chose to use an ice cube tray because it gave me a bunch of spots in a condensed space. Then you drop one or two drops of food coloring into each section and mix it up a little more. There you have it! Bathtub paint! It is super easy and doesn’t stain. Trust me. Since we started doing this she has knocked it into the floor several times and I was easily able to clean up the bathmat and the floor. I do recommend adding the food coloring over an area that is easy it to wipe down and doesn’t stain easily because straight food coloring that has not been mixed into water and cornstarch can stain. My husband proved this when he was making paint on the edge of the tub and spilled just food coloring. I now have red grout as proof.


Have fun!



Quick & Easy Toddler Activities

I wanted a few fun activities for Lilly that don’t involve super messy things like paint and shaving cream. While in the dollar tree I found a big bag of colorful puff balls and knew I could use them for multiple things. When I got home I pulled out an ice cube tray and a pair of tongs and told her to pick up the puff balls with the tongs and put them in the ice cube tray. She spent quite a while doing this activity and she really enjoyed herself. After she has mastered the tongs I will add new elements like putting specific colors in specific spots and transferring them from one container to another. Plus I can give her tweezers to make it more of a challenge. (I started with tweezers but she couldn’t figure out how to use them properly.)

The other activity I used was from a really nice site for toddler and preschool activities called www.prekinders.com. I found a fun activity to teach patterns using conversation heart candies. She enjoyed placing the candies on the correct colors and lining them up properly but the pattern idea was a bit over her head. However, she did spend about 25 minutes participating in this activity so I say it was a success. She was really excited when she realized that they were candy.

Sorting and Counting with Popsicle Sticks

I had these colored popsicle stick laying around and thought up a quick and easy activity for Lilly to do. I simply got some of my food storage containers and asked Lilly to sort them. After sorting many of them we counted how many we had of each color. It was a nice activity that she seemed to enjoy and that took basically no planning on my part. It’s a winner.

DIY Felt Letters for a Cute Mailbox

I found a really cute little metal mailbox in the dollar bins at Target and instantly thought that I could make some special little “letters” to go along with it. They aren’t actual letters but, she’s not quite old enough for that so they work well.

You will need:
– various colors of felt
– pretty and sturdy scrapbook paper
– pen
– hot glue
– very thick and sturdy paper (I used a piece of junk mail that was mailed without an envelope)

First I had to decide what size the letters should be. After that I cut out two identically sized pieces of felt from each color. Then I cut a piece of paper from the thick junk mail to fit in between the two pieces of felt. This makes the letters sturdier and feel more real. I guess you don’t have to do this but I think it added to quality. Once I had all of my starting pieces I simply hot glued them together sandwich style with the paper in between the two felt pieces.

After creating the base for my letter I experimented with using more felt for the address labels and stamps, but the ink blurred and it didn’t look very good so I abandoned that. It would work if you wanted to embroider the felt but I’m too lazy for that. So, I realized that I would have to use paper. I dug around in my scrapbook drawers for some pretty paper that was also a little thicker than your average paper. I found some pink and blue that had the bonus of some sparkles so it is more special. Then I simply cut out squares and rectangles for the addresses and the stamps. (I blurred the address on the top letter but you get the idea.)

Finally, on the back of each letter I added some dash marks to denote the “envelope flap” that would normally be there. I used a fabric marker for this but you could probably use a sharpie and it work just as well.

So, there you have it! This was super easy and she really enjoys checking her mailbox and delivering mail. It took a little longer than I had planned because I had to re-think my original design but, that has been figured out for you and would take you considerably less time. Have fun!

DIY Baby Doll Diapers

For Christmas my Aunt got Lillian a baby doll that has a diaper you can take on and off. Lilly thinks it’s great but, it is a little difficult for her to do it by herself because the diaper has elastic which makes it a bit unruly. Also, she only came with one diaper and Lilly wants to take off the “dirty” diaper and replace it with a clean one. So, I decided it should be pretty easy to make some diapers out of colorful felt that would be not only easier for her to use but also cute and quick to make.

You will need:
– several sheets of felt
– velcro dots
– pen
– scissors
– hot glue gun
– baby doll (for sizing)

First I laid the doll on the felt to create a general outline for my diaper. This way I could be sure that the diaper would fit the doll properly.

After creating the template I cut it out and made sure that it fit the doll properly. (This actually took a few tries to determine the proper size and shape.) Then I traced around the edge of one side of the diaper onto a new piece of felt.

Then I folded that piece in half. This ensured that both sides were identical so I wouldn’t end up with a wonky diaper. After folding it in half I cut it out. Now I have my diaper more or less, minus the velcro dots.

Then I just applied a drop of hot glue and placed the velcro dot on top of the glue. (If you don’t hot glue them they come off pretty easily. Do not skip the hot glue.)

Voila! Easy felt diapers for any baby doll that only take a few minutes to make but provide hours of fun!

Mommy’s Helper

I needed to clean and decided to let Lillian “help”. I gave her a water filled squirt bottle and a clean cloth and asked her to help me clean. She thought it was fantastic and ended up spending over 30 minutes “cleaning”. She especially liked cleaning hr car. It was a great trick to keep her entertained and to allow me to clean it hour worrying about entertaining her. Also, I use the sniffer duster and she LOVES helping me dust too.

A Felt Christmas Tree

I’m sure you have seen the felt Christmas tree project on Pinterest. However, I am kind of lazy sometimes and I made mine even easier. It didn’t take a very long time and she really enjoyed it. All you need is a piece of poster board, a hot glue gun, some green felt and some sparkly ornament looking gift tags. I found mine at the dollar store.

First you roll up the poster board to make a cone. I had to cut off a portion of the poster board to make the size and shape I wanted. Then you wrap the poster board cone with the green felt and hot glue it. Finally, you take your blingy, ornament gift tags and hot glue little strips of the same green felt (in my case the scraps) to the back of each tag. I also hot glued two star gift tags together to make the star tree topper. Voila! Done! It took me maybe 15 minutes and was well worth the time.