My Valentine’s Day

Let’s see…I painted my nails copying a technique I pinned a while back. It looked pretty good and I got several compliments. To do it you just need those hole reinforcers for paper. You paint your nails the base color then, once it dries you use the hole thingy’s to create a dip pattern with just a bit of the color showing on the bottom. Then you paint with your next shade. and repeat for the final shade. It didn’t take long and still looks good.


I made this easy little thing for my hubby. I just created a word document that said “I love you because…” and then placed inside a dollar store frame. I then wrote with dry-erase marker on top of the glass. Now we can leave each other nice notes.


When I went to get into my car I found that it had been bombed by Valentine’s Day. My husband place balloons and streamers inside and drew hearts on the windows. I later discovered that he filled each balloon with a piece of paper that was a reason he loved me. 🙂 Pretty sweet!


I don’t have a photo of my day at work but, I had all of my students participate in Speed-Dating en Español. If you didn’t know, I am a high-school Spanish teacher. They were all reluctant at first but when I said they could be anyone they wanted and answer however they wished as long as they did it in Spanish they were a bit more interested. All of my classes loved it and made a point to tell me that they thought it was fun. I also let them vote on their most interesting date as a class and awarded a candy to the winners. It was a good day to be a teacher.


Finally, we went to celebrate my Father-in-law’s 50th birthday party. It was at my least favorite restaurant of all time, but we had a nice time and he really appreciated that we went. In the above pic you can see Lilly assisting with blowing out the candles.

So, that was my day. It was pretty good. How was your Valentine’s Day?


DIY Ugly Christmas Dress

I will be attending an ugly Christmas sweater party in a few weeks and I decided that I was going to take it to a whole. ‘nutha. level. So, I decided to make an ugly Christmas dress. It only took about an hour and I think it is definitely fun.
I found the dress at Savers for $10. I was specifically looking for a green or red dress. This one is green which allowed me to leave parts of it exposed and cut down on the amount of ugly stuff I had to buy and apply. I bought the green and red ribbon tinsel at the dollar store as well as the silver tinsel and I bought the bows for %50 off at Hobby Lobby. It took almost two bags of bows and two things of the red and green ribbon.
To apply them I used hot glue on the tinsel and ribbon and hot glue combined with staples for the bows. I left the ribbon in one long piece and just wound it down the bodice. Hot glueing as I went. I did the same for the silver tinsel. For the bows I first hot-glued them one row at a time. Then I went back over each bow with a few staples just to make sure that they were extra secure. I don’t want to be shedding ribbon at the party. I continued this until I reached the bottom. I can’t wait to wear it to the party. My husband and I will really class up that party. He will be sporting some extra hideous garb in the form of Christmas plaid suit jacket, outrageously ugly sweater vest, snowman turtleneck and Christmas bow-tie. We’re going to be extra, super, awesomely ugly and I am so excited!
For an update to see how I modified my look for the party and to see the awesome outfit I put together for my husband you can check out my post about the party.

Breaking in New Shoes

I tried a trick I saw on Pinterest last night. I bought a super cute pair of Gianni Binni ballet flats bit after wearing them for only a few hours I new they weren’t going to be shoes I could wear very often until I broke them in. So I did it the quick way with a hair dryer and extra thick socks.

All you do is put on the socks and then the shoes. Then you blow the hair dryer at your feet. While you warm up the shoes and socks you should flex your feet. Focus on areas that rub. When your done with the hair dryer, leave the shoes and socks on until they cool. Then take them off and try your shoes on without the socks. I think you’ll find that they are much more comfy.

Pinterest Adventures – The Peacock Costume: The Final Product

Today is Halloween and I have perfected the costumes! I made some adjustments to my eye-makeup. I searched the web for pictures of other people’s peacock makeup but when I looked at a real peacock I realized that although pretty, they weren’t very accurate. So I did my own take on peacock eyes. I colored in my eyebrows with purple eyeliner and extended the line down my nose and around my bottom eyelid. Then I filled it in with a mix of purple, teal and dark blue eyeshadow. I concentrated the dark blue at the corner and crease of my eyes. I also put black and purple eyeliner on my lash lines and added a few “feather” like lines under my bottom lid. Then I slapped on some mascara and some fake eyelashes that have feathers and I was done! I’ve already gotten many compliments from my co-workers and students so I guess I did a good job.

Last night I decided to paint my nails to match my outfit. So I painted them with a purple metallic color and then did the tips with a sparkly blue. I can’t remember the names but I’ll add them later.

So, here are our costumes! If you would like to see how I did them you can check out my previous posts: Costume Update and Peacock Costume.

A Cute, Quick, Owl Shirt – For Kids

I wanted to do something with Lilly’s handprint for a shirt. I saw some cute activities for paper crafts involving handprints and decided up transfer that idea to clothing. I found this cute owl craft and thought it would work really well.
First I free-handed an owl shape on a piece of paper and traced around the edge with a fabric marker. It’s gave me a reference for where the handprints needed to be. I then painted Lilly’s hands with purple fabric paint and let her make the handprints.

Then I used the lid to some oil to create eyes. I also free handed a nose and legs. Then I painted the eyes white with acrylic paint and placed a black dot in the center for the pupil. I also painted the nose and legs orange and added a little more purple to the handprints so they would “pop”. And finally, I outlined everything with gold.
I’m pretty excited about how it turned out and I can’t wait to see how cute it is on. She had a great time and I am sure she will be eager to tell everyone that she helped in the process.