DIY Garage Cubby Unit


My parents came to visit this weekend and I enlisted my Stepdad to help me with a little project. I have been wanting to build a storage locker system for our shoes, bags and coats for a while. The system I had was not working and always looked junky. I found a project plan for lockers at that I used as my starting plan and just modified. It turned out great and will be super functional. It takes up less space than the 2 chairs and shoe rack system that I had before, looks more organized and is beautiful!



Now, to make it was really easy. Did you know that Home Depot will cut your wood for you for FREE! Well, they will! So, we went with our plan and measurements and as long as your not doing a ton of crazy sized cuts they will help you out. So, we got two big sheets of MDF and had them cut them to our measurements which ended up being one cut to each board to make them 72 inches tall. Then another to cut the 72′ into 16′ wide strips (that left a little bit of leftover wood) and then cut the extra from cutting the big board into 72′ into 3 16×16 inch squares. For all of the wood, hooks that I used for the wall later, brackets for mounting it to the wall, screws and paint I paid under $140 total. So, it was a pretty inexpensive project. It also only took about 2.5 hours to build.


When we got home we measure and screwed all of the pieces together to form a cubby hole top and bench cubby bottom. Then we painted it and mounted it to the wall using L brackets and dry wall screws. After attaching it to the wall we screwed some 3 prong hooks that I bought to the wall at the center of each cubby system as well as one on each side. I even added a cork board to the side that faces our door into the house so we can pin up things that are important or leave notes to remind us not to forget things. I bought the turquoise containers at Big Lots for $7 each for the bottom containers and $5 each for the top and I think they add a nice extra pop of color. I will probably customize it more with names and stuff later.I am super happy with the project and I hope it gives you inspiration!





My Valentine’s Day

Let’s see…I painted my nails copying a technique I pinned a while back. It looked pretty good and I got several compliments. To do it you just need those hole reinforcers for paper. You paint your nails the base color then, once it dries you use the hole thingy’s to create a dip pattern with just a bit of the color showing on the bottom. Then you paint with your next shade. and repeat for the final shade. It didn’t take long and still looks good.


I made this easy little thing for my hubby. I just created a word document that said “I love you because…” and then placed inside a dollar store frame. I then wrote with dry-erase marker on top of the glass. Now we can leave each other nice notes.


When I went to get into my car I found that it had been bombed by Valentine’s Day. My husband place balloons and streamers inside and drew hearts on the windows. I later discovered that he filled each balloon with a piece of paper that was a reason he loved me. 🙂 Pretty sweet!


I don’t have a photo of my day at work but, I had all of my students participate in Speed-Dating en Español. If you didn’t know, I am a high-school Spanish teacher. They were all reluctant at first but when I said they could be anyone they wanted and answer however they wished as long as they did it in Spanish they were a bit more interested. All of my classes loved it and made a point to tell me that they thought it was fun. I also let them vote on their most interesting date as a class and awarded a candy to the winners. It was a good day to be a teacher.


Finally, we went to celebrate my Father-in-law’s 50th birthday party. It was at my least favorite restaurant of all time, but we had a nice time and he really appreciated that we went. In the above pic you can see Lilly assisting with blowing out the candles.

So, that was my day. It was pretty good. How was your Valentine’s Day?


I decided to put my own little spin on the valentine idea with a child and candy lips. My husband and I joined in on the fun. We just got in front of his mac and used photo booth to take our picture. It works really well with Lillian because she likes to be able to see herself take the picture. Then I added the text using the computer and had cards printed at Walgreens. With a coupon it only cost $10 for 20 photo cards with envelopes. I’m sure it will bring a smile to all of my friends and family members faces. And, maybe it will give you an idea for your own.

Valentine’s Day Party Poppers





These cheap and easy to create party poppers will be a big hit with my daughter’s classmates. All you need to do is gather your materials and get started!

You will need:

– toilet paper rolls

– candy and small toys/trinkets

– tape

– scissors

– wrapping paper (as thin as you can get; don’t get the expensive stuff)

– ribbon

First, you cut each toilet paper roll in half.



Second, you stuff it with your candy and toys.


Third, tape the roll together (very little tape; you want it to be easy to pop open) and wrap it with your paper.


Fourth, twist the ends of the paper together and tie it with a ribbon and your done!


DIY Bubble Chandelier – A Modification

I attempted to create an awesome bubble chandelier on a budget a few months ago. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the result and decided to modify it. This modification took about 3 seconds and drastically changed the look of the chandelier. It now looks like something you would spend big bucks on at a swanky store but it only cost me about $30 to make. To see how I created the bubble part you can look at my previous post. That was where all the work was. It was frustrating and took a good amount of time. But, part of the frustration was figuring out how to put it together. It involved a lot of trial and error. But, you won’t have to do that since I have done it for you. But, this is what it looked like before the shade was added.

Not as cool is it?

Now, to modify it all I did was lay the bubble part inside the shade from the top. So, the lampshade ring with all the glass ornaments tied/glued to it is simply sitting on top of the frame inside the lampshade! It’s not attached at all! But, it is very secure and cannot go anywhere. Then I simply tied thread to the the three bars coming up from the inner frame of the lampshade and hung them on the hooks that I already had in the ceiling from hanging just the bubbles. It was really easy and dramatically changed the overall look. I’m pretty excited.



Headaches + Alka-Seltzer Plus

I have always had a problem with migraine headaches. I have gotten pretty good at functioning even with a migraine and I generally just take an over the counter pain medication because the prescription ones are never guaranteed to work but are always guaranteed to knock me out and are therefore not worth it. So, I was chatting with the janitor here at my work and she said she just takes an Alka-Seltzer plus. She said it works great. I don’t know about you but I only take Alka-Seltzer when I have a cold. But, this morning I had a horrible headache and actually had an Alka-Seltzer plus in my bag because I recently recovered from a cold. I figured it wouldn’t hurt and took it in the attempt to knock out my headache.

It worked amazingly well! I did a little googling on this issue and found others have had success with Alka-Seltzer cold for migraine headaches as well. I believe it may have something to do with the combination of nasal decongestant and aspirin. The decongestant dries you up but also causes your blood vessels to contract and become smaller. Since migraines are thought to be caused by blood vessels contracting irregularly this may help even it out and of course aspirin is a pain reliever. I’m no doctor but I just thought I would pass this little nugget of info on to any of you who suffer from migraines as well. Oh, and I am not being paid to endorse Alka-Seltzer. I just thought this was interesting and worth a try.


The FUN Jar


I am always frustrated when it comes to finding things to do with my toddler. I save a ton of things to Pinterest but when I go to find an activity inevitably I don’t have what I need or it takes too long just to figure out and find all of the appropriate materials. So, I don’t get to even half of the fun things that I have pinned. So I came up with the idea for “The FUN Jar”. By spending a little extra time (ok not a little…it took me a couple of weeks) compiling all of the activities that I liked and creating a printable document with directions and materials lists I will be able to access all of the fun activities in a matter of seconds. You can also jump in on the fun by printing my FREE “FUN Jar” printable!!

How does it work?

First you have to print out the packet. Then, inside the packet are directions for 29 activity bags that you prepare ahead of time. I know that sounds like a lot but most of it is done for you. By creating these bags ahead of time for some of the more in-depth activities you can get started with your impatient little toddler more quickly and clean up is also fast. Keep in mind there are over 90 activities and you only have to prep for 29 of them. As long as you have purchased everything else that is on the materials list you will have everything you need to do each activity.

Once you have prepared all of the activity bags and have printed everything out you just need to cut up the different “activity cards”, fold them and place them in some sort of jar or container. I haven’t made mine yet but I would suggest making it really decorative and fun looking so your child will be eager to help you select an activity.

Now you are ready to select your first activity. You can use the color coded activities to make sure your child doesn’t draw an outdoor activity when it is raining. Let your child draw a piece of paper and then you can simply walk over to your box of activity bags and supplies and get the appropriate bag/supplies. Some of the activities don’t even require you to use anything special but are things we sometimes forget to do with our kids.

The goal of “The FUN Jar” is to make your life easier and to enrich your child’s life. Let me know what you think! I’ll be posting updates as I begin to use my own “FUN Jar”.

You can access the free printable here.

10 Minute + $3 Bookcase Revamp


This project was inspired by all of the bookcase revamps you see on Pinterest and other home decor sites. However, I don’t want to spend a million hours precision cutting paper to fit my bookcase and I also don’t want to permanently change my bookcase with paint. So, I came up with this idea. I figured if I didn’t work then I had only wasted $3 on a roll of wrapping paper.

Well, it was not a failure! It worked perfectly. So, here’s what I did.

1. Remove all of the books as well as the shelves.


2. Tape the starting point of the roll to the center of the bookcase and let the remaining paper roll to the bottom of the bookcase. The roll of paper did not fit perfectly so I just centered it on the bookcase. This left a small space on each side that was not covered in paper. But, since I kept it even it looks intentional and works well. (I taped it by rolling the tape and placing it behind the paper so you couldn’t see the actual tape.)

3. Continue to tape at various points down the paper then cut the paper at the bottom so that it ends with the bottom shelf.

4. Replace the shelves and books and you’re done!

20130204-130343.jpg 20130204-130358.jpg

I really wanted to bring a pop of color to these bookcases and this did just that. It didn’t take me long at all and I can easily change it when the mood strikes.

Bathtub Paint


I’ve had this pinned in my “Kid Boredom Prevention” board for a while and I finally remembered to do it. On a separate note, I remembered because I am currently working on a project that will make all of the fun ideas that I find for my daughter to do easier to remember and access. I’m calling it “The Fun Jar” and will post it as soon as it’s finished. It’s going to be great and a HUGE free printable so be on the lookout. Anyways…back to the paint.


All you do is mix cornstarch, water and a few drops of baby shampoo in a cup or bowl and then pour it into individual containers. I chose to use an ice cube tray because it gave me a bunch of spots in a condensed space. Then you drop one or two drops of food coloring into each section and mix it up a little more. There you have it! Bathtub paint! It is super easy and doesn’t stain. Trust me. Since we started doing this she has knocked it into the floor several times and I was easily able to clean up the bathmat and the floor. I do recommend adding the food coloring over an area that is easy it to wipe down and doesn’t stain easily because straight food coloring that has not been mixed into water and cornstarch can stain. My husband proved this when he was making paint on the edge of the tub and spilled just food coloring. I now have red grout as proof.


Have fun!



Quick & Easy Toddler Activities

I wanted a few fun activities for Lilly that don’t involve super messy things like paint and shaving cream. While in the dollar tree I found a big bag of colorful puff balls and knew I could use them for multiple things. When I got home I pulled out an ice cube tray and a pair of tongs and told her to pick up the puff balls with the tongs and put them in the ice cube tray. She spent quite a while doing this activity and she really enjoyed herself. After she has mastered the tongs I will add new elements like putting specific colors in specific spots and transferring them from one container to another. Plus I can give her tweezers to make it more of a challenge. (I started with tweezers but she couldn’t figure out how to use them properly.)

The other activity I used was from a really nice site for toddler and preschool activities called I found a fun activity to teach patterns using conversation heart candies. She enjoyed placing the candies on the correct colors and lining them up properly but the pattern idea was a bit over her head. However, she did spend about 25 minutes participating in this activity so I say it was a success. She was really excited when she realized that they were candy.