My Valentine’s Day

Let’s see…I painted my nails copying a technique I pinned a while back. It looked pretty good and I got several compliments. To do it you just need those hole reinforcers for paper. You paint your nails the base color then, once it dries you use the hole thingy’s to create a dip pattern with just a bit of the color showing on the bottom. Then you paint with your next shade. and repeat for the final shade. It didn’t take long and still looks good.


I made this easy little thing for my hubby. I just created a word document that said “I love you because…” and then placed inside a dollar store frame. I then wrote with dry-erase marker on top of the glass. Now we can leave each other nice notes.


When I went to get into my car I found that it had been bombed by Valentine’s Day. My husband place balloons and streamers inside and drew hearts on the windows. I later discovered that he filled each balloon with a piece of paper that was a reason he loved me. 🙂 Pretty sweet!


I don’t have a photo of my day at work but, I had all of my students participate in Speed-Dating en Español. If you didn’t know, I am a high-school Spanish teacher. They were all reluctant at first but when I said they could be anyone they wanted and answer however they wished as long as they did it in Spanish they were a bit more interested. All of my classes loved it and made a point to tell me that they thought it was fun. I also let them vote on their most interesting date as a class and awarded a candy to the winners. It was a good day to be a teacher.


Finally, we went to celebrate my Father-in-law’s 50th birthday party. It was at my least favorite restaurant of all time, but we had a nice time and he really appreciated that we went. In the above pic you can see Lilly assisting with blowing out the candles.

So, that was my day. It was pretty good. How was your Valentine’s Day?



I decided to put my own little spin on the valentine idea with a child and candy lips. My husband and I joined in on the fun. We just got in front of his mac and used photo booth to take our picture. It works really well with Lillian because she likes to be able to see herself take the picture. Then I added the text using the computer and had cards printed at Walgreens. With a coupon it only cost $10 for 20 photo cards with envelopes. I’m sure it will bring a smile to all of my friends and family members faces. And, maybe it will give you an idea for your own.

Valentine’s Day Party Poppers





These cheap and easy to create party poppers will be a big hit with my daughter’s classmates. All you need to do is gather your materials and get started!

You will need:

– toilet paper rolls

– candy and small toys/trinkets

– tape

– scissors

– wrapping paper (as thin as you can get; don’t get the expensive stuff)

– ribbon

First, you cut each toilet paper roll in half.



Second, you stuff it with your candy and toys.


Third, tape the roll together (very little tape; you want it to be easy to pop open) and wrap it with your paper.


Fourth, twist the ends of the paper together and tie it with a ribbon and your done!